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Launch a Career in Web Design with this 12-Week eCourse

Take the fast track to develop the essential skills & portfolio pieces that you need to become a professional web designer.

Here's how the course works:


Develop Essential Web Design Skills

Learn the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed: UX design, UI design, HTML, CSS, and more!


Craft a Robust Interview-Ready Profile

Walk away from every course with professional-grade pieces that are ready to publish in your online portfolio.


Jumpstart Your Industry Connections

Connect with industry professionals as you network with the best in the business and you could just land your next gig!

What’s covered in the course?


Learn the hard skills and coding language you need to be competitive. Courses include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, and more!

UX + UI Design

Specialize in user experience and user interface design to instantly stand out from the crowd! We’ll teach you the core strategies and methodologies to get you there.

Career Support

Our goal isn’t to get you to graduation — it’s to help you land your dream job! And we’ve got the resources to get you there.

Learn in and outside of the classroom:

Feb 6

Web Design 101

Learn the basics of web design from Clark Kent, Founder of Web Design Dominatrix in NYC.

Feb 6

How do I use UX Design?

Discover myriad applications for UX design across dozens of different industries.

Feb 6

HTML Boot Camp for Beginners

Build your first web page in this 1-hour course for HTML beginners.

Feb 6

Networking for Web Designers

Speed date with professional webinars in this student-oriented networking session.

Ready to launch your web design career?

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